The future of energy isolation is here.

SafeBox™ is a safety-rated lockout system which mechanically isolates electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic sources of energy from a single location.

Ideally suited for complex, distributed equipment, SafeBox™ is your ultimate plant energy isolation solution.

Master Control Device

Safely isolates all connected Field Isolation Devices from a single lockout point.

Field Isolation Device

Installed to power sources throughout plant and connected to Master Control Device via safe communications cabling.


  • Our Crushing Plant line needs to be shut down daily for inspection and cleaning. There are 14 lockout points throughout the plant - which would take four people 1.5 hours to lockout/tagout, and 1 hour to unlock for a total LOTO time of 2.5 hours. Now that we use SafeBox, it’s 30 seconds.
    – Gold Mining Client

In the last decade, major advancements have been made in safety design, as well as to standards and legislation. Many industries have lagged behind and are still applying mechanical interlock-style isolation such as electrical disconnects and isolating hand valves.

SafeBox™ utilizes electronic control reliable design allowing you to safely isolate and energize powered equipment throughout your plant from a single lockout device.


No more unproductive hours awaiting tradepersons to lockout/unlock individual power sources in the field.


Safely isolate and power back up in seconds... from a single lockout point. 

The SafeBox™ Advantage

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